02 Mar

Who needs to make resolutions only on 1 January? Why give in to the pressure?

I decided a few years ago that my January resolutions were going swiftly nowhere, and they were the same ones each year, to boot. Lose weight, exercise more, work harder. The latter only seemed to apply to the workplace rather than my studies or writing, which would lead to more frustration. A resolution without project infrastructure or cost benefit analysis is likely to end up merely a wish.

Last year I made a resolution in October which was to not watch repeated episodes of television shows, or even repeated movies. I found that a little hard this summer on days when I’d worked very hard and had little energy in the evening to even write. The good bit is that I’ve read more books though I am still not up to my novel-devouring level of several years ago.

A few years earlier I resolved to stop buying so many magazines. Two have remained, That’s Life! and Take Five, and I kid myself that this is so I can enter competitions and win a car. (Oh, that would explain the complete absence of a brand new Ford Focus in my carport!) OTOH, I now have fewer zines sitting in the recycling bin and I try, whenever possible, to donate zines to the local doctors’ surgery.

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