Bargains – Free! Out they go!

16 Mar

Why such a title? Well, I got rid of another bag of things I no longer want or need today by taking them to our local church’s op shop. It’s been helpful to me to listen to those who sort out clothes and goods there, finding out what they think will sell, what can’t, and what’s going on a quick trip to the tip.

When I arrived at church this morning, I noticed that there were 4 black garbage bags and three old suitcases stacked beside one of the doors. I assume that the donors thought that parishioners would take care of these when they came to church, providing they could fight their way to the door. I should add: these were right next to the large sign that says “No Dumping Please”.

I threw out two framed prints of birds. There’s nothing “wrong” with them per se; they simply remind me of a very unhappy time. I’m a bit surprised at how much rubbish I seem to have already “decluttered” from those years. Then there were two copies of Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography on cassettes. The abridged version, I might add, and read by the Iron Lady herself. Two scented candles, still wrapped tightly in plastic and still not the sort of scent that I like. Some books. In the clean up I have found three pairs of woollen gloves (yippee!) so I’m set for winter.

With an Indian summer giving us temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius, my plans of eking out my summer wardrobe’s life have been messed up. I’m afraid that 3 shirts and 2 pairs of trousers have had to go and there’s little to replace them with that doesn’t cost over $60 per item. My buy of today was a pair of 7/8ths length cotton trousers for $20 but that doesn’t help the shirt situation. At this rate I’ll be wearing T-shirts or my old maternity shirts to work.

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