Ow! Ow!

01 Apr

It’s now 6 weeks since I saw the doctor about the pains in my feet and nearly 4 months since the pains started. I haven’t been limping too badly for the past 5 days but today, back to the pains again. I can’t take anymore painkillers without triggering the usual kidney pain.

So what do I do? The dr didn’t have any helpful suggestions. I’m already working on losing weight (oh boy, is that hard! but I’m 7 lbs lighter now), I wear the most sensible shoes in the universe (oh vanity, where art thou?) and I honestly can’t rest my feet anymore than I already do, given the amount of work I have both in the workplace and at home.

On the worst days, I can’t sleep at night from the pain.

Hey, there’s a good thing about this. The pain distracts me from the ongoing back pain that is there every day.

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