Mmm! Mmm! (My cooking)

11 Apr

Ah, such sweet words! I made pumpkin soup on Tuesday evening and Mimi’s immediate reaction was “Mmmm! Mmmm!” as she lapped it up. I haven’t seen that enthusiasm for anything vegetable-based for ages.

I gave her tuna mornay on top of mashed vegetables on Weds. evening. Same response. Tuna mornay is wonderful and she would have liked to have some more.

I got some long speech from her about Maccie, who is in her group at childcare. OK, his name is Max but Mimi’s version is understandable … which is more than I can say about the rest of her speech. I have no idea what she meant but apparently they had a good time.

I gave the cats tinned catfood for breakfast. The two older cats were ecstatic. The tabby tried to lick the bowl clean.  The Siamese, on the other hand, was highly unimpressed. That stuff? Moi? No way.  Her pathetic expression worked.  I found a solitary sachet of chicken casserole in the cupboard which perked her up no end.

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Posted by on April 11, 2008 in cats, Child Development


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