16 May

I have held a number of casual or temporary jobs. Some were while I was a student at uni or high school; others were second jobs while I worked at a low-paying full-time job, like secondary school teaching.

The worst ones were those that required cleaning. Toilet cleaning was the worst of the lot. Just thinking about it now gives me the creeps. How on earth can adults be so clumsy? How can vomit fly all around the cubicle? (Actually, the answer is “First drink a lot of alcohol.”)  House cleaning wasn’t much better.  Some houses stank of urine, or animals, or the lingering aroma of fatty meat meals long since eaten.  To this day, I still can’t deal with stale kitchen smells very well.

I did some tutoring in French and English language skills which was OK. Neither thrilling nor offensive.

Music teaching. Ah, the highs and lows! I’ve been thrilled at students learning new skills and finally working out how to get their hands co-ordinated on the piano. I also remember a man who wanted to learn how to play the flute and who creeped me out considerably.  No real reason why: he was pleasant enough, dressed well, always paid on time, but I eventually made some lame excuse about increased study load and let him depart. Strange, I haven’t thought of him for years.

I would have liked to do pet sitting but somehow that never came up as a job opportunity and I was too shy to advertise for jobs.

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