Making friends

22 May

I feel uneasy posting about this.

I have not encouraged my daughter to make friends with one child, let’s call her Natalie, at preschool because I don’t like the child’s father.

The first time I met him, it was as if he had an aura of spikes and static electricity. A grandmother told me of how he had behaved rudely towards her in the parking lot and then he was brusque and cheerless when I met him in the preschool.

The other negative things I feel about him aren’t big in themselves, yet somehow my judgmental self has taken over and has made me hesitate in my approach to his child. The child is bright, usually cheerful, inquisitive, sometimes bossy, and all round seems nice – she’s a regular toddler!

I’m working on being friendlier to the child’s mother (who is thawing gradually towards other parents) and the child herself. More importantly, I’m working on examining my ability to form snap opinions that aren’t necessarily empirically based, or which need revision. Seriously, this is juvenile! This is what happens at high school. I’m the one who needs to grow up.


Posted by on May 22, 2008 in Motherhood


2 responses to “Making friends

  1. andrea frazer

    June 11, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    You are not alone. We all need to work on our snap judgments. I’d love to post something like this one day. Can I link you?

  2. meowmie

    June 11, 2008 at 4:59 pm

    Sure, you’re welcome.


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