Oh Tantrum, how endearing you are!

07 Jul

I am used to DD’s tantrums. They start over the darndest of things: not finding her favourite socks or teddy bear, being made to wear clothes, being made to have a fresh nappy, not having biscuits and honey for breakfast, and that’s just before 7.45 am.

DD threw a tantrum just as we entered the supermarket the other day. I was on my own and I couldn’t get anyone to go and do our shopping for us. We had no milk or bread or various other items so that was it: I had to tough it out.

The wailing started as I put DD in the shopping trolley. She wouldn’t go in the stroller and she wouldn’t walk so that left the trolley. She wailed through soft drinks, toiletries, cat food, dairy goods, toilet paper, pasta, rice, chicken, beef and pork, and became a bit quieter when we finally got to the vegies. Ah! “My onion!” she declared. “My apples!” she continued. “My oranges!” she stated with a covetous look in her eyes. “We already have enough oranges,” I said. Ha! Stupid thing to say!

Waaahhhhh! The tantrum monster returned.

I admit it. I gave in. I gave her an orange to hold until we got to the checkout.

All the same, I’m giving myself seven out of ten for that. I kept my cool, I didn’t scream or shout, and one more orange in the fruit bowl isn’t too bad.

Parent Center has a page on 2 year olds’ tantrums. OK, the developmental psychology side of things is nothing new to me. Wise words there include: Choose your battles. Watch for signs of over-stress. Alert your child to upcoming change. Cuddle after a tantrum.

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Posted by on July 7, 2008 in Child Development, Motherhood


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