Loud Mama

13 Jul

This post from Andrea Frazer has made me think more than possibly any other post she has written recently. I really enjoy reading Andrea’s blog. Her humour, honesty and winning way with words speak to me, often in the way that I need *right now*.

Her post was on “bragging cheerleading moms”, the ones who insist on letting the whole world know how fabulous their little darling is. An annoying and principal part of their cheering is volume. How can you publicise your child’s cleverness if nobody hears your message? (Why yes, I am interested in advertising and marketing. How did you guess? LOL!)

Since reading that post, I’ve found myself to be almost hyper-vigilant about how I address DD, my utterly adorable 2 year old, in public. As I mentioned in my earlier post here, supermarkets can be fraught times when DD is in one of her moods. I turn on the full entertainment and distraction mode. Not on my Robinson Crusoe with that, obviously. But do I tell the world how fantastic DD is if she does something smart?

I realise I’m slightly hampered. I’m a trained singer and do public speaking. My voice can carry easily and boy, it’s easily understood. (Except, of course, by a cranky toddler. That goes without saying.) Are people learning more than they ever want to know about me, my daughter, and our little world? Maybe. I am utterly shameless in those powder keg situations. I will sing (softly, I hope!), point out interesting things, discuss DD’s food preferences, and more. The squee of “OMG! You are so smart to count to ten!” is more than I could stomach. I will, however, praise DD if she does something right, and praise her for continuing good behaviour. I don’t have to let everyone know about it, though.

I guess I’ve ended up a bit paranoid. I probably shouldn’t be. 🙂 If I had my wits about me, I’d hold onto my business cards and hand them out to people who give me looks, offering them singing and speech lessons.

I think DD is taking after her mama. After forcing the poor mite to come with me to the restrooms at the mall, DD was highly disgusted with me and proclaimed loudly “Ooh Mummy! Mummy did a yucky! Ooh, stinky!” Thanks, kid. 😉

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Posted by on July 13, 2008 in Life Matters, Motherhood


One response to “Loud Mama

  1. andrea frazer

    July 13, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Ha! Meowmie – you are fine. We all are. I hope I didn’t make you paranoid. So not my intention. #1, I was cranky that day. #2, I of course feel my kids are the smartest cutest buggers ever, but strangers don’t tell me so, which they shouldn’t, which leads me to #3 – It was seriously just the volume.

    I blog here and at Good Housekeeing and at BabyCenter. I am more than certain a few of my friends roll their eyes at me. One even told me, “Why do you need to let the world know everything about you? Are you that desperate for attention?”

    Hmmm. The truth is that yes, I am interested in validation like anyone who works, sings professionally or mothers. It’s human nature. But I also know that if people didn’t want to read me, they wouldn’t. And let me tell you, MANY people have let me know what a piece of crap I am in their comments to me. It’s part of the game and I don’t really care because I know who I am.

    My final point – I just know that we all are doing the best we can. And I hope you won’t change your style just because of some stranger, me, or anyone else’s opinion. I don’t even know if I’m right about the volume thing. It just bugs me. But who cares in the long run. What matters is your beautiful child who, I am most certain, really is the most incredible thing on the planet? Why, because she’s yours. And that’s all that matters.

    Thank you for reading me. I enjoy reading your stuff also.


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