That darn cat!

16 Jul

The Mysterious Sumkitty, Perpetrator of Evil and Chaos, hit my kitchen on Monday while I was at work and DD was at childcare. None of the three cats will own up to this so apparently it was Sumkitty who did it. 🙂

Sumkitty peed on the toaster and the powerpoint next to it, and then peed probably a litre of urine all over the counter top. There must have been a minor blip in the power supply from that circuit, so all the digital items re-set themselves or turned themselves off.

This morning (Weds. am) I scrubbed the counter top for the umpteenth time. There’s no funny smell, there are no marks, I’ve used disinfectant several times already, but somehow it just doesn’t seem clean. Cooking last night on the stove top (right next to the Area of Evil) was no fun at all – analogous to the potty dance you do when the toilet seat in the public restroom is vile and the floor is full of rubbish yet you’re busting to have a pee and there’s nowhere else to go.

With that pleasant observation, I’ll go and do some work now. After washing my hands. 😉

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