TV is boring me and thousands of others

31 Jul

I’ve been offline because of a shocking chest infection and being very sick with asthma. I don’t know where the days went to but they were only manageable with the help of friends who kept DD entertained and fed. I’m at work now but I feel completely drained.

There’s an opinion piece in Herald Sun today by Kerry Cue. Smart, funny and observant lady. She writes that “TV bores intelligent women”.

As she puts it so neatly:

Dear free-to-air producers and advertisers, I’m writing on behalf of myself and – ummm – around five million other Australian women aged over 40 to say: GOODBYE.

It has been fun, but it’s over.

We’re not going to watch your prime time programs or put up with your ads much longer because, basically, we’re bored witless and we’re not going to take it any more.

Women over 40 are proud of their achievements but rarely see women of the same age or older on prime-time (or non prime-time!) tv programs on free-to-air channels. All we get is more of the same. More crime, more trash, more sport, and more pathetic sitcoms.

So, what will the smart woman do after she turns off the tv and bids adieu to mind-numbing, insulting repetition?

We’ll read. Newspapers, for instance.

We have brains. We’ll socialise. We have friends. Well engage in the new media.


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2 responses to “TV is boring me and thousands of others

  1. Betsy

    August 7, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Love this! We dont’ watch TV in this house for that very reason. We don’t have cable and refuse to get a dish because then it takes that much longer to surf through the 100 + channels and realize there is nothing but crap to watch. Now, after going so long without TV, when I’m in a hotel room and switch it on, I feel like a person from another planet. The things I see on TV are absolutely bizarre and disturbing and rarely ever worth my precious free time. Hope you are feeling better. I have asthma as well. Take a daily inhaler but never have had it get out of control. So far.

  2. Tilley

    August 8, 2008 at 10:09 am

    Amazing – 100 channels and it’s *still* heaps of rubbish! Last night I turned off the tv after my daughter’s mandatory episode of Dora the Explorer, and we enjoyed dancing to Venezuelan music instead. Ah, bliss!


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