This takes the cake!

27 Aug

Bet you didn’t know that breastpumps are offensive, or that mums can multitask, like having their lunch or drinking a cup of tea or using a computer while using a pump or breastfeeding. You *did* know? Well, you’re one up on the good folk at the Westfield Mall at Marion in Adelaide, South Australia.

This article describes how Ms Salmon used the mall’s parenting room as the place to express milk for her little baby during her lunch hour. (Ms Salmon’s daughter was being cared for by her father.) While the mother expressed milk behind a curtain, a cleaner came in and watched what she was doing.

“She told me the parents room was for parents and breastfeeding only – and that I wasn’t allowed to eat lunch in there.’’

“They told me that a little kid had been running around in the parents room and had briefly seen what I was doing and had complained to its mum,’’ she said.

“The mum then complained to security and the cleaner came in to inspect what I was doing. They told me the complaint was that there was a topless woman eating her lunch in the parents room.

“It’s tough enough that I have to do this during my break, but for a complaint to be made about me doing it, is really upsetting.’’

Honestly, this takes the cake. Being a mother is hard enough without ignorance being thrust upon you. All power to Ms Salmon as she takes this to the Equal Opportunity Commission.

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