It’s Music AND Lyrics, gal!

29 Aug

I have the theme tune for Thomas the Tank Engine going through my head at odd times: getting changed, putting out the compost, sorting recycling. The weird thing is that I can’t get the words right. I end up singing “Shunting hucks and trawling fate”.

Beth Hering’s recent post has reminded me of that show. I reckon Beth knows all the words, but my darling toddler daughter screams “No Thomas! Mummy, please! No Thomas!” whenever she hears the familiar tune. It’s Dora the Explorer and Diego all the way. I now know several verbs, nouns and short phrases in Spanish thanks to those shows. Can’t spell them but I can pronounce them.

The problem with lyrics is a longstanding one. As a singing student and later on a teacher, I couldn’t remember the blasted words for peanuts. The melody was no problem – stuck in my mind but minus the rather important words. Italian arias, English oratorios, German lieder, even my favourite Debussy and Faure songs: all were met with concrete walls when it came to learning lyrics from day one.

Nowadays the only songs I can remember are Viva La Vida by Coldplay, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore (oh, how true!), and Copacabana. The latter has a *very* important function. It is my talisman against earworms, a very common affliction. Out of the goodness of my heart, I’m sharing this helpful tip. If you have a tune running round in your head that you simply cannot make finish, start singing Copacabana, adding your own verses if necessary, and it will conquer the vile, unstoppable tune that previously took over your mind.

ETA: the Maimograph Machine will generate an anti-earworm tune. The one I got was She Bop, another blasted earworm!

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