Creepy Crawlies

13 Nov

I try not to be creeped out by spiders or various invertebrates, especially cockroaches, because I don’t want DD to become phobic. A decent amount of caution is a good thing, but screaming and running isn’t. DD consequently is fascinated by insects and arachnids. Our friends comment that she’s a budding entymologist.

Nevertheless, I would prefer that she didn’t encounter funnel web spiders. (Article on funnel web spiders here.) I was horrified to find a funnel back spider web in our loungeroom right near where DD plays! Our darling cat was playing with the spider who was scuttling across the floor and I quickly removed the spider. If ever there was a reason for me to pick up my housekeeping skills, this was it!

Ditto redback spiders (info and photos here as well as some totally gross details on cannibalistic mating habits). I have found those inside the water meter, and I left them alone. I also found some making nests in the compost heap. Not impressed with that, considering that I go to the compost heap probably 5 or 6 times a week.

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