The Ernie Awards

21 Nov

The Ernies are an Australian award for sexist comments and attitudes. It’s something you wouldn’t want to receive, to put it mildly.

This year’s awards have just been announced. John Moloney, mayor of Mount Isa, got one for telling beauty-disadvantaged women to come to his city because they’d find themselves a husband there (chronic woman shortage in the mining city). Article here.

The Ernie Awards, held in the main dining room at the New South Wales Parliament, are a women’s only event that has been running for the past 16 years.

Speaking on Radio National’s Breakfast, founder and organiser Meredith Burgmann says the motto of the awards is “keep them nervous”.

Sportsmen have received awards – too gross to comment on here. As for the judiciary, well, they should be ashamed.

Wikipedia has an incomplete list of awards from previous years

I should add that there is a Good Ernie.

“The good Ernie went to Wallaby player Brendan Cannon, who said he didn’t want his daughter Phoebe growing up in a country where almost half of all women will be victims of physical violence or sexual abuse in their lifetime.”

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