Hurry up for work!

09 Jan

That could be my rallying cry most mornings. I may not say it aloud but I’m certainly thinking it when I leap out of bed at 6.30 am and start the juggling process that is called mornings at home. Everything seems to be towards that end goal of being at work before the car parks fill up.

Good grief, it seems so stupid when I write it.

I used to have an allocated space in a car park at work. It cost extra per fortnight and it was worth every cent. If I went out at lunchtime to attend a medical appointment in another suburb, or to run chores for myself and my family, I had a car park to return to.

Nowadays, I work through my lunchtime and make appointments for 4 pm and later. I honestly can’t guarantee that I can find a car park at work if I don’t get there before a certain time.

Bus services are an absolute joke (85 minutes total for one bus, waiting time at an interchange, and then another bus) when compared to taking three people in a car for a 20 minute drive. The three of us cycling that many kilometres is out of the question. We’re doing our bit – there are three of us who travel together, but all I need is one person to decide that it’s too hard to leave the house on time, and things become difficult.

For another person’s description of a hectic start to a day, read Stephanie’s Yarn Harlot blog entry from a couple of years ago. I read it while drinking coffee (hey, multitasking is important!) and I probably should have put the drink down first. 🙂

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