Where did the week go?

15 Jan

I think that I should make a resolution – at least a resolution to write here more often!

I have been struggling through The Picture of Dorian Gray. I’m not in the mood for that style of prose and despite being a fast reader (tho not a speed reader per se), in one reading session I only got to page 50. If I don’t pick up my rate, that’s where it’ll stay! OTOH I hooned through a Get Fuzzy book of comic strips as relaxation before going to sleep.

That, I think, is the trouble with my reading patterns. I read before I go to sleep, and only occasionally during my lunchtime. At night, I really don’t want to read things that will agitate me and keep me awake after having to deal with insomnia and rotten sleeping patterns in 2007 and 2008.

I am intrigued by the reading order for Biggles books. There are some of my much-loved books on that list and I suspect that as an eight-year-old, I read many in the correct chronological order. It looks like the author, W.E. Johns, went through a compass stage in 1938 with Biggles flying East, West, North and South. Anyway, maybe Biggles would be suitable bedtime reading. You can stop laughing now.

One lazy summer day, I rediscovered my love of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, and another week I found I liked Malory Towers a bit more than St Clare’s. I think the monkey put me off. I say that I’m buying these books off Ebay for DD, but really, I’m kidding myself.

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