Birth order

19 Feb

OK, I don’t believe in everything in your life being determined by your birth order, whether you’re first, last, middle, or only. But I know that I am also coloured by my notion that I was hard done by as the eldest (by seven years!) and had a huuuuuge amount of extra work to do as my little brothers arrived. I saw myself as a slave (yes, I was prone to exaggeration but I was also a hard worker). I had to bargain hard for any concessions. I had a lot of housework to do as well as gardening.

Then there’s baby brother. As mentioned in Beth Hering’s blog, the baby of the family can get away with almost anything. Baby brother got a car much earlier than I did (actually, I had to earn the money and buy one once I had a full-time job after uni), had more freedom to come and go, and all that. My middle brother and I would mutter darkly that baby brother was spoiled, truly a term of imprecation in our common sense, down to earth family. Almost the worst thing you could say about a cousin or a friend was that they were spoiled.

Anyway, baby brother is now a strapping young man, sensible, head screwed on the right way, earning money, doing the stuff he loves, living with a lovely, smart woman, and I adore him as much now as I did when he was a cute bubby brought back from the hospital. I still think I’m overworked, but since he’s such a good guy, I’ll get over it.

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