Rain, rain

14 Apr

I would run outside and do a little dance of gratitude in the blessed rain if I weren’t aching so much. Small thing to pay for a change in weather fronts and a much-needed drop in our city’s dams. It also means that I am looking forward to planting new plants in my front garden.

DD was a bit better about walking from the car to her childcare centre in the rain this morning. Until today, she has tended to freak out massively at the idea of getting rain on her. To be fair, she has only been out in the rain on a few occasions. Sometimes it rains at night and she sleeps right through it.

Many of my childhood memories involve being wet, damp, or trying to dry off after being outside. It can’t be true that my entire primary school career consisted of wet autumns, winters and springs, yet my memory suggests otherwise. To this day I am a little nostalgic about the smell of wet wool steaming gently in a classroom, mixing with a faint hint of manure from my classmates’ boots that they wore at home as well as school.

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One response to “Rain, rain

  1. andrea frazer

    April 15, 2009 at 5:35 am

    So you liked the rain, eh? I did, too. I, like you, have fabulous memories of reading great books in front of space heaters in the library – feeling so warm and safe.

    Much love to your daughter!


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