Still thinking about Susan Boyle

24 Apr

I posted about this a week ago, and here I am still thinking about Miss Susan Boyle, singer.

Article here from the BBC’s website on 22 April 2009.

So has she changed the way society views beauty?

Don’t bet on it, says Ellis Cashmore, author of Celebrity/Culture […]

“The astonishment we feel re-enforces the belief that there exists not only a correlation between looks and success but a causal relationship. One causes the other.

“The Hollywood movie industry figured that out in the 1940s, that you don’t need to act that well as long as you look good. The very fact that we are astonished by Susan Boyle makes it an oddity, so it won’t break down barriers, it will have the opposite effect.”

I wonder if Ringo Starr or Mick Jagger or Pete Townsend would have made it in a boy band.

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