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29 Apr

Although I have had to cut down on knitting and crocheting because of RSI (dratted darn thing that cuts into good hobbies), I have to satisfy my yarn itch. I love Yarn Harlot, the excitement of seeing her creations come to life, reading how she works out patterns, the thrill of the chase to find the perfect yarn, and more.

Today in her random post, Stephanie wrote this:

I hate that for the sake of growing strong and fearless daughters, I have to pretend not to be a neurotic mess about the spider that is lurking around here. I suck at it, and keep visibly flinching away from things like lint. I wish it would just show itself so we could come back to a stand-off.

I suspect my DH feels this way, just a bit. I don’t mind spiders particularly and will either try to capture them, or dispose of the venomous ones. I hope that DD doesn’t end up screaming at them but I may be too late. Thanks to the older screaming girls at childcare, I think DD has learned to scream at invertebrates. What annoys me is that she was previously very interested in them, to the point of worrying the staff that she’d end up bitten. Staff observed her but didn’t interfere unless she was going to get hurt.

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