Polar Fleece Mum bites back

10 Jun

Yes, things have been quiet recently. Thanks to whichever delightful sharing, caring folks brought swine flu to Australia, various quarantine measures have been put in place. As one who travelled to Melbourne (treated as if it were the plague capital), I ended up spending a week in quarantine with DD who wasn’t allowed to see any of her friends at childcare. No signs of flu, in fact, pretty rude health indeed.

Of course, I still had a computer but … I had a three year old who also likes computers and who desperately wanted to use mine. Every time I logged on. I was doing well to catch up with work emails and so on, and blogging was a poor second. ::smishes blog::

Anyway, while looking like a bedraggled mummy in my horrid polar fleece and poorly-fitting jeans (cold weather and no money or opportunity to buy new clothes), I found this summary of a gem of an article by Naomi Wolf. Now I know what I am a poor reflection of a woman. I am being contrasted with Angelina Jolie, she of the pouty lips, pneumatic bosom and tattooed skin. Wonder woman, saviour of the nations.

The reason people are obsessed with Angelina is:

  • She’s a lover
  • She’s a mum
  • She’s an activist
  • She’s a pilot

To which I could add “And she can bite my flabby, pasty ass”.

Here’s my list why I am awesome, despite my apparent failings.

  • I’m a mother
  • I’m a fine wife, thank you
  • I have created a stable, happy home
  • I am careful with expenditure
  • I dress well for work and when I go out
  • I am well-educated
  • I am an amazing organiser

But I can still guarantee that Naomi Wolf will never write a profile about me (I should be relieved). After all:

Whatever Jolie does next, Wolf believes that she’ll continue to capture the public interest. “I for one will keep watching,” she writes, “since Jolie’s image is not just a mirror of one woman but also a looking glass for female fantasy life.”

Yeah, Naomi, because we all need more mirrors that make us inspired, annoyed, dissatisfied, bemused, irritated, and more.

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One response to “Polar Fleece Mum bites back

  1. kim/hormone-colored days

    June 25, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    Yes, you are awesome! We can’t compare ourselves to celebrities who employ a staff people to do all their basic homemaking chores, have personal trainers, etc.


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