Flat out like a lizard drinking

04 Jul

Work is a madhouse thanks to scholarship rounds, results processing, endless meetings that are surely generated in the seventh circle of hell, and the ongoing strain of having to learn how to do new tasks while doing what was already a full-time job.

DD is still unwell. A sort of underlying not-up-to-doing-anything, maybe better expressed as a “malaise”. First it was her tonsils, then the inevitable ear infection, and she’s still not eating properly. I can’t believe how I worry about that! Boy, is she vile when she hasn’t had enough good nutrition and her blood sugar levels plummet.

And then there’s the refusal to go to the loo. Nothing weird in there, but she’s got a thing about it. Never mind. I have nappies for emergencies and the carpet still hasn’t been cleaned. Just in case, I mean. I really hope that this is temporary but I’ve had 3 weeks of this crap, along with poor sleep because of her coughing. It seems stupid to say that I need a holiday but darn it, I really do! The few days off I had a month ago were very refreshing, a lovely time with very dear people, and any relaxation that I may have experienced evaporated as soon as I arrived back in this city.

I wonder if I should be rethinking my work, my commitments, or what. I am sick of feeling miserable and it’s beyond the usual winter blues. Perhaps regular sleep would help? I would love the chance to find out! LOL!

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