Show and Tell

24 Sep

I remember Show and Tell from primary school days. It was one morning a week, or maybe a fortnight. Big worry each time – what would I take to school? One kid totally pwnd us by bringing her cat in a cat cage (her mum collected the cat at lunchtime so the poor critter didn’t have to deal with our love all day).

DD has show and tell at childcare, too. Or rather, had. What started off well at the start of the year became simply repetitive. Instead of children bringing something different from home, apparently they were bringing the same toy each week and trying to bring the toys each day, as well. One mother told me that show and tell took 3 hours one day. I sure hope she was exaggerating. I tried to encourage DD to take something unusual or interesting but sometimes it was yet another Dora the Explorer doll.

At some point, show and tell is designed to disintegrate into showing off, regardless of the age group.

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One response to “Show and Tell

  1. andrea frazer

    October 1, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Ah, show and tell. I don’t remember a thing from my childhood days, but my kids love “share box” day at school.


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