Wish I could think of a witty title

10 Nov

The adrenaline rush that I seemed to run on for two weeks after DH died seemed to disappear. Then I became sick. The one thing that seems to make a difference between me being sick for ages and recovering well is sleep. Ah, blissful sleep! But also elusive. While I was recovering, that was when DD became ill and started coughing all night. Cue trips to the doctor trying to make myself taken seriously.

Strangely enough, when DD was given asthma medication, her coughing decreased very quickly. Not that I’m saying that I’m an expert on my child’s health.

I will refrain from going on about my work here. I come to work, I do work, I leave. I wish I had more exciting stuff to do but not in this financial climate and not under my current financial circumstances. They have me over a barrel and they know it.

I’ve gone through some more paperwork. I have to give myself a cheer every time I get another thing done. I figure no-one else will.

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