Um, when do they qualify as gifted?

27 Nov

A gifted child or adult is a rarity. Think about being at least a standard deviation from the norm, maybe two SDs (which would make about 2% of the population).

I noticed there was a link again to the poll started in January 2007 about parents’ perception of their children at BabyCentre here.

Definite trend of overestimation continues – the first commenter laughs about 81% considering their child to be gifted. Today it is 73% who think their child is gifted, 9% say no and 18% are undecided (I’m in the undecided category).

No, my amusement at this poll is not caused by sour grapes. I’ve had my IQ measured and I was a member of Mensa, and as a child I was in a gifted and talented program that was next to useless. So glad that many children have much better opportunities nowadays. Still not enough available.

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Posted by on November 27, 2009 in Child Development, the mummy race


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