Nativity Play Madness

04 Dec

Yes, I mean it. I am speaking from experience when in kindergarten, being relegated to umpteenth shepherd on the left, wearing an ugly costume made from an old, discarded stripy flannelette sheet, and stumbling towards a cardboard stable that wouldn’t meet council approval.

Please, please tell me that this article is a hoax. Manger chic, for crying out loud.

The rise in so-called “manger chic” has seen parents spend up to 150 pounds ($250) on arctic fur throws for children cast as sheep and ivory bridesmaid dresses for angels, according to department stores group Debenhams.

Is it a competition to have the cutest shepherds or gaudiest angels? Is this trend exacerbated by having more parents taping and photographing children’s school nativity plays? What’s next? Extra make-up for Mary and a West End-quality false beard from Angel’s for Joseph? Excuse me. My eyes are rolling a little quickly at this point. 🙂

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Posted by on December 4, 2009 in Odd stuff, the mummy race


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