Calendar Girls

23 Dec

And I don’t mean the West End production starring Jerry Hall and other wonderful women.

I mean the women who manage to juggle a diary, calendar and expend mental energy in keeping a household running. In my group of friends, I haven’t actually found any blokes under 60 who do this but that may say more about my peers than men in general. 😉

How do I manage to keep things running? Diary in handbag, separate diary on desk at work and keep things similar in each. Or maybe get a PDA or an iPhone app etc. to keep myself going electronically and then go nuts when the hardware keels over from overuse or accidentally being dropped on a slate floor or concrete. Hey, it happens. I used to work for a lawyer who insisted on me keeping an electronic diary on a Mac computer that ran on a different network. When that network went down, it was pretty ugly. So was he. Even with me regularly saving it and doing printouts and him being the person who was meant to be working on the diary.

So, what shall I do for 2010? Calendar beside the phone at home, sure. But the paper diary? Or the electronic diary? I wonder how I can work out these things without taking the electronic versions for a workout.

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