Messy but clean

22 Jan

Seriously, it’s possible thanks to half-assed decluttering and a prioritised cleaning list at home.

The neverending clearing out of DH’s study and mine is going very slowly thanks to chronic pain. When I can’t lift, twist, bend or anything that’s going to get me to a level where the greatest amount of papers, books and magazines have descended, the decluttering grinds to a halt. I try higher shelves on the bookcase and (yay me!) I managed to fill a big bag with paperback novels that I no longer want. But the cardboard boxes remain in place with things filed according to topic (DH’s overseas visits, tourist souvenirs, published academic papers, work papers, hobby papers, to name but a few).

I manage what I can with housework. It helps that I worked out what bugged me the most so that I deal with those items first.

1. Clean toilets and handbasins
2. Washing up
3. Emptying the dishwasher promptly
4. Keeping kitchen benches very clean (bonus: no ant problem this summer)
5. Keep cockroach baits and barrier spray up to date.
6. Scrub the cats’ dishes
7. Clothes washing in several loads over each weekend.

Vacuum cleaning is a total drag. I’m sure that is what aggravates the pain sometimes. One room gets done every few days. It’s manageable in 5 or 10 minute blocks.

So, if you come to visit, you won’t keel over from salmonella or listeria, the toilets won’t look or smell suspicious, and there will always be soap and clean hand towels in the bathroom. Just don’t look behind the washing machine or in the linen cupboard, and don’t write your name in the dust from the weekends when I am too exhausted to bring out the fluffy duster.

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