Australia Day

26 Jan

Yes, another occasion of mixed celebration. Invasion Day for some, barbecues for others, and self-reflection on nationalism and patriotism for others.

The usual mixture of “gosh, we’re lucky” and “don’t sit on your laurels” opinion pieces have turned up in newspapers.

What do I think? I suspect that overs-simplification makes many people feel good, one way or another. Why wrestle with the hard questions, like what is the condition and well being of the original inhabitants of this beautiful country? Where do outbursts of patriotism originate in those who are not defending this country one way or another? Are these outbursts good, or indicative of underlying self- and community-doubt? Are we really as generous and laidback as we think we are? For that matter, is being laidback a positive thing, or should more of us be be go-getters instead? Are we protecting our flora and fauna for the enjoyment of future generations?

Far easier to chuck another snag on the barbie and chug down another beer. Doesn’t get us very far, though.

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