Cooking styles

10 Feb

I love reading Molly’s blog MommyCoddle and read her entries regularly. (Go on, visit her!)

If you go to the post linked above, you’ll see a delicious recipe that DD and I are going to try next time we have the oven on. Why yes, I am making it sound like ‘an occasion’ LOL!

I’ve been using the oven a whole lot less over the past year. I’d like to say that it’s because I am careful with the electricity bill (which has veered into the OMG section in the past thanks to all items being electric rather than gas-powered in our house). Also part of it is me knowing that I am too darn tired when I get home to do anything that involves baking or roasting, hence stir fries and steamed rice are dishes fit for a queen. The third reason is that at the moment it’s so darn hot, the last thing I want to do is run the oven and swelter over trays of goodies, no matter how much I want rock cakes or a tea cake.

Now I plan ahead for oven use. I want to make home-made meat pies tonight. I prepared the meat last night – slow cooking, soft and tasty, and it drove the cats mad in anticipation. While the oven is on, I was thinking I could drag out another tray and make the scones that Molly tried. Given that the trays of pies and scones wouldn’t take up much height, I can put in all 4 metal trays in the oven and therefore cut down on baking time.

Oh boy, I am in danger of turning into a Scrooge.

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One response to “Cooking styles

  1. andrea frazer

    February 10, 2010 at 12:46 pm

    Meowmie – I suffer from depression, too. You are not alone. Email any time.



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