New Game – What’s that Smell?

22 Feb

Yeah, y’all can enjoy the Winter Olympics, the AFL NAB Cup, and get excited about the wonderful Canberra Capitals getting through to the preliminary final of the WNBL.

Me? I have a new sport. It’s called “What’s That Smell?” Easily portable, can be done anywhere, anytime. The only drawback is that if you play it at home, the sniffer has to deal with the source. In a household of three cats, one preschooler and one adult, the cats are excused from cleaning up (no opposable digits and a massive aversion to water), the preschooler is only so-so when it comes to cleaning and she has eczema when exposed to any type of detergent. That would leave … uh … me!

I played a quick round of WTS in my study in the middle of last week. I discovered (oh horrors!) two dried-up deposits of cat disgustingness.* Disposable gloves, paper towel, plastic bag to contain vile stuff and used paper towels, citrus spray for the wool carpet, and no clothes peg for my nose. That’s gotta be a bonus. Ten minutes later, it looked better, the plastic bag was attracting demons who thought it contained their leader going by the smell, and the cats had all come in to have a look at me on my hands and knees under my large ex-govt desk. What’s the thing about an unwanted audience when you’re doing work?

This morning the latest round of WTS started while I stood at the kitchen sink rinsing out tumblers before putting them in the dishwasher. Smells of wee, or at least ammonia. Definitely the downpipe. OK, out with the caustic soda tonight. Isn’t that pathetic? That’s the height of my exciting evening. That, and finishing off an old episode of NCIS that I recorded.

OK, here’s your place to tell me that my recent rounds of What’s That Smell? are purely amateur. Tell me the most disgusting WTS round that you’ve had – and how you dealt with it!

*I know that isn’t a word but it’s the cleanest word I can think of to describe it.

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