13 Mar

1. DD is being defiant and is queen of the interruption. Today she called *me* on interrupting her. Maybe, just maybe, she has worked out what interrupting is. BTW, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to interrupt her and I did apologise. I may as well show her polite manners. 🙂

2. DD wants playdates *every* weekend. Yeah, like I’m gonna be able to pull those ones from behind my ear or whatever. She has had a few nice playdates on previous weekends but it takes a heckuva lot of organising and eats up an afternoon, etc. I try very hard to come up with things to do and I know full well that DD is very extroverted and gets enormous pleasure from being with people and doing things.

3. This afternoon we went and fed the ducks and swans some stale bread. Yeah, it’s not brilliant food for them. Does it mitigate the circumstances if it’s full-grain bread? At least this time DD didn’t scream at the black swans, and the swans didn’t try to mug her for the remainder of the bread. Win all round.

4. Hospital visits to a family member. I’m running behind on my work because of that and I don’t know where I’ll find the time to catch up.

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