Our dads are better than yours

22 Mar

Yup, it’s official. 🙂

Go on, read the article. Thoroughly readable and you may or may not agree with the findings.

Here is the researcher talking about Australian fathers:

‘They do less than Australian women but they compare favourably to men in some other countries,” says Lyn Craig, a senior research fellow at the Social Policy Research Centre at the University of NSW.

Australian fathers, her study shows, are run off their feet. Their long hours in paid work combined with their domestic labours means they work harder than Danish, French or Italian fathers and the same as Americans.

Mind you, Australian mums don’t necessarily have it easier just because many dads are more involved. Aussie mums spend more time on housework and children than mothers in all other countries, which sure makes for a looooong, tiring day. (See the blisters on my feet and my fallen arches, not to mention the delicate eau d’oignon behind my ears from frantic cooking.)

‘Intensive parenting seems to be a phenomenon of Anglo countries,” she says. ”Australian men and women -but especially women – spend more time with their children than do parents in the other countries, with only the US coming close.”

I am grateful that Dr Craig points out the reason for the inequality: it is

not because fathers do less childcare than fathers overseas, but because their wives do less paid work, and much more housework and childcare than elsewhere.

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