29 Mar

I’d love to tell you that I had an exciting weekend but frankly, it was as boring and frustrating as the one that preceded it.

DD was alternately cheeky, rude and unco-operative. You’d think I’d get a break until she’s a teenager (yeah, that’s wishful thinking). She had a sleepover on the Sat. night and instead of me going to the movies, I ended up at home, celebrating Earth Hour with candles and a new DVD of The Princess Bride. I am not convinced that that film has improved over the years. I know heaps of people my age quote stuff from the film and think fondly of it. Well, it’s OK and um, it’s OK. That’s all.

I suspect part of my peevishness of watching it on DVD is that I had over 12 minutes of copyright notices and extended previews for two other dull 1980s films to go through. No possibility of fast-forwarding through them, or going straight to the menu, which it thoroughly irritating and yes, I tried every combination. I’m seriously thinking of throwing out DVDs that have such long previews on them and no option to go immediately to the menu. The same goes for kids’ DVDs. You try making a 3 or 4-y-o wait when she’s hanging out for Barbie and some twat thinks it’s a FABULOUS marketing ploy to make a kid and her mom wait through that rubbish. (I time how long the crappy stuff is, write it on the DVD cover, and keep the TV turned off for that many minutes until it finally gets to the menu.)

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