Ear Worms

09 Apr

On a more cheerful, less whiny note than my previous post, here are some ear worms. You know, the annoying songs or tunes whose lyrics or melodies are stuck in your mind and seem to take forever to remove.

My pet ear worm is Pachelbel’s Canon, particularly horrid since the darn thing in my mind’s ear seems to have no beginning or end. The only way I can get rid of it is by singing Copacabana, though it usually turns out like Rachel from Friends singing it. The shameful thing is, though that song itself could be an ear worm, the reason that I can use it to conquer ear worms is because I can never remember all the lyrics.

Help me Rhonda is a ear worm for many. Do Re Mi from “The Sound of Music” is pretty awful, too.

Something that is not ear worm-ish is this fabulous video from the World Science Festival in June 2009 where Bobby McFerrin leads the audience in working out the total awesomeness of the pentatonic scale. And yes, little kids enjoy those scales, too. I’ve been known to “fix” glockenspiels so they play the pentatonic scale for preschool classes.

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