How did we wreck the kids?

14 Apr

Opinion piece from The Punch here by Catherine Warnock.

Speaking to parents of teens (and maybe I’m reading it as a warning as a parent of a four-year-old), she says

The good news is that we should get an award for being so patient, hardworking and benevolent. The bad news is that said award is unlikely to be forthcoming any time soon (not unless the kids can borrow a few bucks from us to buy it).

And the second bit of bad news is that we have made this rod for our own back. Yes, us.

I know we don’t want to believe that all our efforts might be the very reason for the kids behaving badly in the first place. After all, we love our kids and want the best for them. We’ve even mistakenly thought that giving them everything they want is the way to do that—but that’s where we are wrong.

I love the advice she gives following that. Common sense, compassion, and looking towards the future. Sure, there is no such thing as the perfect parent, however, it’s our job to be a good role model to our children.

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One response to “How did we wreck the kids?

  1. andrea frazer

    April 15, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    I am quite certain you are a great parent. And secondly, I’m with Catherine, though i don’t think this news is anything earthshattering or surprising: We need to stop being helicopter parents and make our kids responsible for themselves. These parents that think doing and feeling and thinking everything for their kids are doing them such a disservice. Kids need to have guidance, yes, but they need to fail. It’s part of life to get back up. I was a bit overprotected as a child. Only at 40 am I really now growing up. I don’t want the same for my kids – as much as I love love LOVE my parents. I want my kids to be a bit more resilient.


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