The side effects of decluttering

21 Apr

Y’know, I thought I was doing well, clearing up DH’s things. Maybe I was over-optimistic.

This morning as I was in the go slow lane, caused by Canberrans being pathologically incapable of merging two lanes into one without carrying on like twits, there was a sight that made my heart pang. The middle-aged bloke in the Barina had his dark-blond hair at the same length as DH’s, just touching his crisp, white business shirt. Same pale, soft skin, same shape of his head. For that moment, and now as I type this, I missed DH immensely and wished, oh so hard, that I could undo the past 6 months and we could have a do-over.

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Posted by on April 21, 2010 in decluttering project, grief


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