When did it become June?

02 Jun

It’s the 2nd of June today. Where did 5 months of the year go to?

While I’m on these questions, maybe the universe will answer a few more.

Why does Austria put in crappy Eurovision entries?
Why haven’t I decluttered DH’s study yet?
Why did DH hide *my* stuff in boxes underneath many other boxes in his study?
Why are Raymond Feist’s books so boring and long?
Why have I been pathetic in contacting a couple of friends, even by phone? And am I becoming frightened of the phone again?
Why can’t I get my crap together re bundling telephone and internet services? Am I frightened of the too-difficult-to-understand plans?
Why is my diet failing?
Who is whispering to my big boss that I probably should work fewer hours?
Who have I pissed off recently? Or in the past?
Where do my reserves of patience come from? And can I get a bit extra to deal with DD?

DD is having a rough time. OK, it isn’t unexpected but I find it hard to deal with occasionally because I am not sleeping well myself. Having a small person wake up hollering or crying because she’s lost her bedsock or a favourite stuffed toy in bed is enough to completely mess up my sleeping pattern. Last night I got six hours of sleep – SIX! Count them! That totally pwns the 3 hours the previous night.

I still don’t have a social life. (If you’re one of those horrible people who think a widow should sit home every night and do worthy crafts or read spiritual books, kindly bugger off right now.) No choir. No movies. No dinners out. I want to remember who I was as an adult rather than simply mother-and-hard-worker. Yeah, I’m hoping for too much. Better off shutting my mouth now and fading into the background.


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