Radio silence? How slack!

16 Jun

Well, I have been busy. Most evenings I’m doing well to collapse into a comfy chair with a cup of tea, let alone write a blog entry.

I watched NCIS last night where Gibbs goes to Mexico. That was one weird episode. I felt like I’d walked halfway through someone else’s conversation and was repaid for my effort of eavesdropping by half-mentioned memories. The acting was wooden for the most part, the dialogue was banal and the only half-decent moments came from Mark Harmon when he was allowed out of the emotional strait-jacket that the past few years of NCIS have stuffed him in. Hey, he was even allowed to crack a smile when recalling something lovely!

I am fighting asthma on and off each day and honestly, I’ve had it up to here (waves hands around ear height). If one more daft bint suggests another asthma “remedy”, I’m gonna smack ’em one.

DD is being a pill, which is only to be expected. Nevertheless it is draining psychologically on me. Yes, I am QUITE AWARE that it is awful for DD and I prioritise her needs and I am getting support for myself, too. God, I am so bloody sick of patronising gits who think that they know everything (sod teh internet), who have “been through everything and darling, you aren’t doing the right thing”, who think it’s OK to pass judgment at any point on anything, and who are, in fact, real life trolls. I have saved about 1500 calories by not snacking on the virtual cookies I could have given myself by NOT smacking trolls.

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