Back again

28 Jun

A short holiday interstate with DD proved that it is not entirely possible to have a holiday that involves relaxation with a four-year-old. DD is still behaving, um, like a four-year-old with all her cheekiness and boundary-pushing, plus extra stuff which I rather think is related to grief and working out things like that.

She seems to need more sleep at the moment but that may well be due to the cold and the long nights at this time of year. She was particularly peeved to be woken up this morning but cheered up a little at the thought of going to preschool where she loves the teacher and has a jolly good time with her little friends in the playground. All the same, I had to help her get dressed. No way was she going to actually peel off her warm PJs and get into a fleecy tracksuit – what if she was exposed to the cold air? (There’s a heater in her room but the way she carries on, I think she has her father’s thin blood.)

Circus Oz (see photo gallery here) was an absolute hoot. I can highly recommend it. We were all enthralled and amazed at the strength, flexibility and daring of the performers. Their fast reflexes were amazing! Gotta add, the musicians were very good. Best performance I’ve been to for ages. If you ever have the chance to see them, get tickets as quickly as you can!

It felt absolutely freezing this morning. The lowest temperature was -5 Celsius and as we drove into town, the car’s thermometer had -1C showing as the temperature. Brrrrr! I am a total wuss. I have managed to peel off my hat and woollen coat, but I’m still in a long jacket while I’m in my office.

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