And the mummy wars rev up again

06 Jul

Splat!Blog entry by Evan Maloney here. He commented on the article on Gen X women drop out of workforce.

From the article:

Only 38 per cent of Generation X, tertiary qualified women worked full-time, compared to 90 per cent of Generation X, tertiary qualified men, in a University of Melbourne study.

Life Patterns claims to be Australia’s longest running study of the lives of young people, tracking a group who left school in Victoria in 1991.

Its leader, Professor Johanna Wyn, said most of the group’s women, now aged around 37, had ranked career as their highest priority when they left school. […]

Professor Wyn said Australia’s workplace policies had also taken their toll on the health of Generation X when compared to counterparts in a similar Canadian study.

I feel I have been a wee bit brainwashed by some of the comments that regularly accompany *any* blog entry that may be interpreted as pro or anti SAHM or working mom. Even one entry here where the plea was why can’t we all get along, there were problems further down the comments. There are *always* screams that nobody understands the plight of the working mom who is torn between her career and her children, or how expensive childcare is, or how her partner isn’t picking up the slack, etc. And similarly there will be screams that nobody understands the work that an SAHM puts in, the rewards and annoyances that she gets each day, and (OMG my favourite ever) IF YOU REALLY CARED, YOU WOULD GIVE UP YOUR JOB AND YOU COULD LIVE ON ONE SALARY. Please excuse the screaming capslock. As a widow, I think that one is hysterical and I have only avoided smacking some inconsiderate women because I can’t reach my arms through teh interwebs to administer some justly-deserved punishment.

So, the comments on this Australian blog are normal. Go figure. People who are Gen X, some who are Gen Y, men, women, people of different ages, some who don’t have kids, a few who whinge their pants off, others who show an unexpected kindness and understanding, and those whose candour would, in comment on a Momformation blog post, would see them scorched to the seventh level of Hell for admitting that motherhood is complex and sometimes unhappy and unrewarding.

Please don’t get me wrong. I value the many blog posts at Momformation, the bloggers’ humour, sense of perspective, sense of justice, their curiosity about the world, their honesty and more. I’m thinking of Beth Hering, Betsy Shaw, Joyce Slaton, Jamie Lee, Kristina Sauerwein and more. I think some of the regular commenters are fabulous, also. I may not agree with them all, but I look forward to their comments, as familiar members of the community!


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