Dear Universe, you can stop it now

16 Jul

I’ve had enough. Completely had it.

All the utter crap I’ve had to deal with over the past year, and you send me the latest offering – a burglary. Now I have not only lost my engagement ring and DH’s wedding ring and the two necklaces he gave me as birthday presents plus the TV, I’ve had to also deal with the crap of repairing the door the burglars had to break down in order to get into the house. Then there are the umpteen phone calls and faxes to the insurance company, the UTTERLY INEXPLICABLE building estimator who seems to work in another state, and so on.

Seriously, dear God, this is enough. OK, I know that I am grateful for the dear people who love me. I am ALREADY grateful. You don’t have to beat me around the head to point that out. You made me. You know I’m not a total dumbass. I’m grateful for the things I have. I get it. So why on earth do you keep dumping this stuff on me? I gave up on trying to work out if it was some sort of ‘lesson’ back last year. As for punishment – well, this gets to the point where I am being punished for things I haven’t actually got around to doing yet. Not to mention the damage done to my darling, dear daughter who at four years old is way too young to go through terrors of burglars breaking into her house and stealing things.

God, I’m over it. I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve told you this before, but maybe you were busy doing something else at the time. OK, I understand that you don’t owe me anything, but please help.

You know I love you anyway.


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