23 Jul

It’s official. I have the naughtiest tabby in this city.

This morning Her Imperial Tabbiness tired of waiting for me to let her outside. I should add, I had offered 20 minutes earlier but she refused, preferring another snooze.

To express her displeasure at waiting, she eschewed the perfectly clean kitty litter in the laundry and instead did a huge wee on top of the top-loading washing machine. It ran down the lid and into the plastic surrounds of the bowl. YUCK!

Cue much cleaning from me while trying to cajole a 4-y-o into getting dressed in winter-appropriate clothes. “No, that sundress stays in the wardrobe. And that other sundress, too. And yes, you will have to wear a long-sleeved top today. It’s 2 degrees Celsius outside.”

I remembered to leave the lid of the washing machine open for the day so that some of the smell might dissipate. Now I know why Her Imperial Tabbiness is not a popular cat for overnight stays.

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Posted by on July 23, 2010 in cats



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