Quick update

06 Aug

I wish I had exciting news to share. But it’s pretty quiet here, which I am grateful for.

Still no sign of my stolen jewellery. Sigh. I know I have to move on but it’s still hard to deal with.

More hassles trying to get items fixed under insurance. A local firm managed to “lose” my information and it’s nearly a month since they came to do the assessment. To say I’m peeved is to miss the chance to use far stronger language.

Work is steady and sometimes stressful. Learning new processes and totally amazed at how many people are involved in getting a piece of paper passed around and eventually acted upon. Also helped some students in a position of being a graduate student rather than me being a project manager. Flexible!

DD and I went to a healing service a few weeks ago. Totally amazed that DD sat still during the liturgy and then was content to come to the altar rail to receive a prayer and blessing.

DD’s behaviour has improved a bit over the past week which is an enormous relief. I honestly don’t know how she could bear being in emotional turmoil, poor darling, and I was getting a bit frazzled, too. This evening she mucked around a bit while getting ready for bed, but calmed down and I found out that she hadn’t had a long enough nap during the day. They have a nap room at childcare and honestly, DD really needs a nap every afternoon, even if it’s just for an hour. She’s like me, needs her sleep.

DD has a sleepover tomorrow night at her friend’s house and she’s looking forward to it. Her friend came here about a month ago and the girls had a fantastic time. They eventually went to sleep around 9 pm, little darlings. I wonder when they’ll get to sleep at her friend’s house.

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