15 Aug

The Ancient Kitty has had an eye operation because he somehow got a big ulcer on his eye. I’ve never heard of a cat getting an eye ulcer before. Anyway, that’s $460 I won’t see again. 😦 Poor old cat is in the pergola snoozing in a big polystyrene box lined with old jumpers. He is particularly peeved about wearing the Cone of Shame. Part of how he expresses this is by giving foul looks to everyone and anyone, and another part is by scraping the cone along the ground as he tries to scoop up any particle of food that may have been left on the floor. He has water, kitty litter, different places to sit, and all he really wants is to be in the Big Outside.

The Ancient Kitty also did the most enormous wee ever all over the family room carpet. That was just before he was exiled to the pergola. I managed to sop up most of it with paper towel immediately (bleargghhhh!) and then use an enzyme detergent to clean it. There’s still a mark on the carpet. My nose is a bit clogged up due to not being able to use anti-histamines so I honestly don’t know if there’s a pong or not.

The tabby is eating well but looks to have lost a bit of weight. She’s about 14 years old (we’re not exactly sure since she’s a rescue cat). Her fur is in much better condition than the Ancient Kitty’s fur, which has matted sections that I have to work at with a fine-toothed comb. I get snarky looks from the vets when I take the Ancient Kitty for a check-up but honestly, I do as much as I can and he is very old for a cat, nearly 17 years old.

The budget beef mince was a big hit. I know I shouldn’t have bought it, given the huge vet bills for the past month, but it perked up both old cats.

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