Buy Nothing September

01 Sep

Since it’s 1st September, I should write a bit about my plan for September.

Inspired by Shipmates, I’m joining in Buy Nothing September. Doing it with others gives me a bit of support, a bit of accountability, and some good ideas as well.

I had a look at my bank balance this morning. Gasp! Things have been vile since DH died – huge drop in income, even allowing for his small pension. Time to pull my head out of the clouds about how I spend my cash each week.

I should add that I’m apparently pound-wise and penny-foolish. Obviously the latter translated into pound-foolish later on when I think about the money that I’ve wasted on cups of coffee or muffins or lunch or dinner or silly wee things at the supermarket.

I suspect part of the reason why my everyday account looks so beaten is because I tend to put any lump sums into my mortgage offset account to cut down on interest payments. That certainly is a good thing and as far as I can, I’ll try to continue that.

As part of my No Spend September, I have to budget for bills and ongoing payments. That means two fortnightly mortgage payments. There’s also the trash collection service bill to pay which is $125. Particularly high this month because I had two CRT monitors collected and the ACT charges like a wounded bull for recycling monitors and TVs. Part of me applauds the ‘green’ policy behind that. The penny-pinching part of me is having a bloody good whinge about having to pay to get rid of DH’s excess, old monitors as part of my ongoing decluttering project. Apparently there will be some free national e-waste scheme started sometime in 2011 (hey, that means 2012 in Australian terms) but I’m not willing to store more stuff in the shed for that long as a hiding place for spiders, cockroaches and wriggly things.

My tasks for today and tomorrow are to do a more accurate stocktake of the pantry and the refrigerator. I have chicken to make into a big dish of chicken risotto tonight (may have to extend the arborio rice with some long grain rice but that’s my fault for not doing a proper shelf check at home before going out to the supermarket).

The other thing that occurs to me is how much I do love my snacks. I really do. So at work I have some of those sachets for DIY cappuccinos, just add boiling water. Looking at the pantry properly has reminded me that I bought way too much self-raising flour in April. I have recipe books, I have baking trays and I have eggs from my friend’s hens. I can make biscuits. Maybe even raspberry jam biscuits.


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3 responses to “Buy Nothing September

  1. Jan

    September 1, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    Savoury muffins are god snacks too and can hide vegetables in them as well. Possibly even breakfast food if in a hurry. Store excess in freezer and remove as needed. Soup is very good budget wise food. Healthy also. Have you tried hedgehogs or perhaps we should call them echidnas down here. Minced beef made into meat balls with favourite seasoning and a good quantity of raw rice mixed in. Place in dish and nearly cover with a tomatoey sauce. Cover dish and bake for about 50 minutes. Take cover off and cook till done. Rice pops out of meatballs like spines. Barley pilaf is easy and cheap.

    Even BBQ chicken from shop is a good meal. HAve baked, use some in lunches, perhaps another dish for you and DD and then soup stock from carcase.

    A cheap slow cooker is a worthwhile investment. Good soups and curries from cheap ingredients and also good casseroles for just a few minutes in the morning. Arrive home to cooked meal.

    I realise these suggestions go beyond what’s in the store cupboard and the Ship thread. However, I’ve been in similar position financially. Three teenage boys with long legs that needed filling and a husband off work with an injury for months. In addition we fed their friends who often seemed to arrive at dinner time.

  2. Jan

    September 1, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Well a muffin might be a “god” snack, but I really meant “good.” LOL

  3. meowmie

    September 4, 2010 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for the ideas. Love the thought of a god snack. I have some bacon and corn and on the corn packet there’s a recipe for muffins. If it’s still raining tomorrow, we’ll have a go at the new recipe. I’ll be peeved if DD doesn’t like them.


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