No, or not much, spending

02 Sep

I should re-do my tags. It is more honest to say it’s Not Much Spending September. 🙂

Yesterday I had to fork out $28 for a prescription and also spent $7 at the supermarket. Definitely not a NO spend.

I found a card from a local supermarket that apologises for the mess involved in renovations and offers 5% off a bill total of more than $30. Considering that I have to buy toilet paper at some point (and honestly, I’m fussy to the point of neurotic about the type of TP we have and what the plumbing will cope with), I will now start a shopping list of what are supermarket only goods.

One friend suggested that I buy some things in bulk from wholesale places. The plan had more merits when there were 3 of us in this house. I can see the sense in buying a box of paper towels (still go through these steadily), but we simply don’t go through much soap, for example, or butter or cheese. Our grocery bills have decreased a fair bit since DH died.

I am leery of buying too much of perishable stuff that will go off. We have a small freezer in the refrigerator so that limits how much I will make in pre-prepared meals. I suppose we could buy a small freezer, but it would have to pay its way to make it worth (a) the initial outlay and (b) the ongoing electricity costs. Hmmm …

To do:
1. Find out if it’s worth getting paper towels in bulk. No sense in getting scrappy stuff that falls to pieces. And how much is ‘bulk’? 48 rolls? Where would I store them?
2. Find out the electricity costs of running a small freezer.

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