Smart mum – and one who tells it as it is

11 Oct

Ari O’Connell has written this piece Mothering is an extreme sport and I have to pass it on. Her humour and honesty can be seen with her “I’ll finish my PhD while the baby sleeps for the first three months”. I love it, especially the vision of dirty washing sprouting like mushrooms.

Another reason why I like this piece is Ari’s honesty about the Commentators, who are a danger in this extreme sport we call mothering.

When I’m not changing, or bathing, or hurtling – eyes closed to maintain the illusion of sleep – down to bub’s room at 3.00am, I’m batting off another sporting mainstay, the Commentator. Make that plural. Available anywhere and at any time, the Commentators inform me of how I’m stacking up against the competition, and they double as Coach if I’m going off course.

The mommy wars are so damn useless. I’d do my usual whinge of why can’t we all get along and respect differences, but I’m probably preaching to the choir. All I can say is, Ari, I hope you have a lovely time with your baby, enjoy each moment of happiness when it comes, and keep your sense of perspective.

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