04 Nov

So, the AFL season is well and truly over. Now evening radio inflicts cricket matches. It was bad enough for test matches, but then there’s the one-day matches and those horrible 20-20 matches whose only good points are that they’re over relatively quickly.

At least when you’re watching cricket with my family you know you should be cheering on Australia, I suppose. Football is a more difficult thing (and that’s even without looking at UK soccer fixtures). We’re an AFL family despite me trying hard to get interested in rugby union or rugby league. The closest I get to that is to go to the local suburban leagues club for cheap dinners.

Sometimes I wish we all lived together in Melbourne, all my family. We could go to the football together (not fun going with a little kid on your own if you’re not feeling 100%). Sure, our family loyalties are split between two teams but my mum is doing her best to convince DD that she should barrack for her team. I say if Richmond turns into the Pink Tigers and all team colours are pink and purple, then DD will barrack for them fervently. What the footballers will play like, who knows? Maybe pink sock be enough, perhaps.

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