My award – Least Sporty Girl in School

29 Nov

Title provoked by this article on the BBC website.

It is not correct to say I hated Physical Education at school. I loathed it. I detested the teachers, despised the curriculum, hated the vile uniform, and wished every week that my mother would write a note to excuse me from PE. I was at a primary school and then a high school that both had good reputations for team sports and those of us who might have done a little better with some coaching were shoved aside. If you couldn’t play at reps level from day one, forget about it.

The things I found I was good at were daggy, non-sport things like dancing. Obviously they didn’t use enough muscle groups or provide enough sweaty evidence of working hard (apparently all that PE teachers were interested in) so we weren’t allowed to do that in PE. Gymnastics was viewed with suspicion. It needed too much equipment and too much supervision so the gymnastics season in the PE year was far too brief, even in chilly Tasmania.

To this day, I’m still peeved at the PE teachers who refused to acknowledge how hard I tried in the lessons and who mucked up my good academic record. Without PE, I was fantastic. Why on earth PE counted towards an academic record, I have no idea. The lessons I learnt from PE were:
1. Stay in the background
2. Pray for rain
3. Hope you hurt your ankle

Not really lessons to live by, eh? Thank you very much, uninspired and uninspiring PE teachers.

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